Mid-Spring: 5 weeks down, 5 to go

We’ve reached the end of Week 5, which means we’re at the smack-dab middle point of the quarter. Five more weeks stand between me and the conclusion of my first year of graduate school. While the pace of Spring Quarter feels much more comfortable than that of Winter Quarter, there’s unique happenings to consider during this term and in the weeks to come.

In the #SAGrad timeline, this is a major transition quarter for first-year and continuing students alike. Continuing grads have been in and out of on-campus interviews for the past month, hoping to find the place they will transition into professional roles post-graduation. We also had the honor of witnessing continuing students present their portfolios to peers and colleagues. First-year grads have been situating themselves for transitioning into the summer term and, soon thereafter, into the hustle of being a continuing student preparing for the dreaded job search. Academically, it’s time to sort out where you stand in the program and what’s left on the docket for the final quarters of grad school.

As far as my process goes, I feel like I’m in a good place. This quarter, I’ve had some time to explore a couple of functional areas that I’ve considered pursuing in my job search process. After conversations and informational interviews, I’ve determined that my functional areas will focus on residential life and marketing communications. Soon, I will be thanking myself for front-loading this academic program; next year I will only need to take two courses per quarter to complete these degree. I strategically fulfilled a majority of the course requirements during the first year because I know I will want time and energy devoted to the job search process next year and to honing my skills at my graduate assistantship. It will feel strange to be at less than full-time student status for the first time in five years, but I know I’ll be preoccupied with finding a place to call home after I secure my M.Ed.

It’s a challenge to be in the moment. This has always been difficult for me as someone who incessantly plans everything possible. While I’m thrilled for the possibilities coming my way this Summer and making the victory lap of my educational career soon thereafter, I will miss the leadership, mentorship, and camaraderie from the class of 2016. I also think about how precious this last half of the quarter is for the students we supervise as they move on to adventures of their own.

Something tells me the second half of this quarter is about to zoom by, final projects and all. In 5 weeks, I will have accomplished my first year of graduate school, which is something important to celebrate.

And on June 11th, I’ve got a plane headed East to catch.

What’s in store for the path between today and my departure to Rhode Island, I wonder?


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