The #SAGrad path ahead

By the time this post goes live, it will be the beginning of week 1, SQ16. This marks the beginning of my third consecutive quarter as an #SAGrad, the last quarter I’ll technically be at full-time student status, the middle of my journey through graduate school, and the end of my first full academic year at this institution. This will also be my first spring season in the Pacific Northwest, which will, hopefully, bring a little more sunshine into my days.

As time moves by, my path feels like it’s coming into focus. I think I’ve lined up great internship opportunities to grow my professional experiences, the first of which begins later this week with Seattle University’s International Student Center (ISC). With a focus on digital media and online production, this experience will pull from my social media strengths and degree in Media Studies, something I’ve been missing from my GAship in residence life. I’ve got some ideas about how I want to bring all of my talents and joys together in the future, but for now, I want to put my skills to the test and come away with fresh projects. Additionally, I’m drawn to serving a student population I don’t know enough about, which excites me lots about this coming quarter.

Academically, this quarter should also be fruitful. While relatively a breather compared to the marathon that was my winter quarter, the courses I have lined up this term are a much more even spread in regards to topic area and research-emphasis (I predict, anyway). Logistically speaking, I nabbed two classes in the earlier time bracket (hello, 4 PM start times!), which helps give me more freedom with my evening for attending student programs and catching up on course readings.

I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of things at this point. For instance, I’m now aware of what a week in the life of an ARD looks like, especially when factoring in regular meetings, committees, hall council, conduct hearings, 1:1s, 2:1s, classes, and a personal life. Thankfully, practice has moved mountains. New focuses this quarter include working on Desk Assistant (DA) selection, transitions as the cohort above us moves on to greener pastures following graduation, and preparing for my own move from Seattle to Providence for my ACUHO-I internship this summer. Not to mention that I’ll hopefully be able to focus on some things that I personally enjoy, like posting to this blog, maintaining my digital presence, and running more frequently.

As per usual, there’s lots of moving parts.

I’ve come a long way, but there’s still a sizable path ahead of me. I’ve got a whole quarter to push through before I’m headed out for summer and returning to campus as a second-year grad (woah) investing more deeply in my job search process. Until all of those things come to pass, though, folks will hopefully see an increase in my online engagement.

Let’s see where this quarter takes me, shall we?


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