Spring turns to Summer

When I last checked in on my blog, I was mid-way through the Spring Quarter. As I sit here and type away, I’m broadcasting from Providence, Rhode Island, a small gem of a city in New England that I think might be one of the east coast’s best-kept secrets.

But a lot has happened between then and my journey eastward. In the last 5 weeks of the quarter, I wrapped up my first year as a graduate student, closed my residence hall, saw my brother graduate from high school in California, and bade well-wishes to this year’s batch of graduates from my program. Seattle took on summer, completely changing the mood of the city and its many neighborhoods. Spring turned to summer, I went from first-year graduate student to continuing student, and with these transitions came changes for my own reality.

I’m a week into my ACUHOI position with Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The experience so far has been nothing short of a whirlwind in the best way. As of now, I am a fully-trained Resident Director for the summer Pre-College Program, and tomorrow, we’re excited to receive our summer RAs! In the time I haven’t spent learning about this wonderful art school, I’ve done my best to gain my bearings in another city to add to my growing list of places to call home. After a week of exploring, excellent breakfasts, walking alongside the river that cuts through town, enjoying hip cafes, and being reunited with old friends, I feel I’ve adapted pretty well to my new space.

In stepping away from the Seattle University context, I feel I’ve had lots of room to reflect on the last year and what everything means for me moving forward into my last year of graduate school (for now, anyway; something tells me I’ll be a student forever). With some thrilling developments coming my way, I’m deeply looking forward to the road ahead. I hope to share more about this piece soon, but for now, know that Rhode Island is treating me exceptionally well.

This is already a phenomenal summer and I’m so glad I took this leap of faith.

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