One degree down

Since the results of my graduate school search and GAship hunt came through, I was able to move my whole focus to completing my undergraduate studies. Senioritis was challenging to fend off at times, especially knowing I had so much set in place already for post-graduation. In the end, though, I spent every ounce of … More One degree down

January: It’s go-time.

It’s 2015. The year I graduate from undergrad, and, hopefully, have the opportunity to head off to a HESA program. Today’s January 1st, which means I’ll officially hear back from graduate schools this month about admission and possible interviews next month. Everything’s about to happen! In the meantime, I’ve almost completed all the necessary cover letters … More January: It’s go-time.

Sitting on my thumbs

All my personal statements are done. I’m sitting on my thumbs, too afraid to hit “submit” on those last couple of applications. I know I’ll be submitting the applications. I know deadlines are soon. Something inside of me holds me back from completing stage one. I identify as a recovering perfectionist. Before university, I beat … More Sitting on my thumbs