One degree down

Since the results of my graduate school search and GAship hunt came through, I was able to move my whole focus to completing my undergraduate studies. Senioritis was challenging to fend off at times, especially knowing I had so much set in place already for post-graduation. In the end, though, I spent every ounce of my energy on producing final thesis papers I could be proud of (the final page count between the two papers was 55+ pages of written content, a new personal record).

It was all worth experiencing the magic of walking at graduation. We spend years romanticizing graduation day (cue Green Day), and it’s such a wonderful feeling to know I’ve accomplished something tangible. What was even more awesome was being surrounded by friends and colleagues for whom I felt so much pride. Graduating from USF will be a moment I never forget.

Post-grad life:  Limbo

Now that the dust has settled and graduation has passed, I’m still living in San Francisco until the big move to Seattle. I’m thrilled to leave SF behind me. While it’s hard to leave so many friends and memories behind, this isn’t the city for me to stay long-term for reasons I constantly preach about on my Facebook. I’m pushed away by the city’s sky-high cost of living and rental market and pulled by the opportunity that Seattle offers. I look forward to being an ARD, though I’m aware of the amount of work and commitment I’ve gotten myself into. Words that describe what I feel when I think about moving to Seattle: thrilled, anxious, nervous, open, vulnerable.

I’m thrilled to make new connections, build a new home, and grow as a young professional. I’m anxious to escape San Francisco and discover a new city. I’m nervous about meeting expectations, doing a good job as an ARD, and finding community. Even though I could talk to a wall, I always find myself wondering how quickly I’ll make new friends when I move somewhere new.  No matter how old I am or how many degrees I’ll have, I think I’ll always be nervous about making meaningful friendships in new spaces. I’m feeling very open to learning lots of new things—I’m going into this to learn, make mistakes, and pick up lessons for when it’s time to step out into the field. I feel vulnerable, which means good things for me. I’m ready to put myself out there to get the most out of this new experience headed my way.

Until I move, though, I’ll be working lots and filling my time with activities I had to put off while a full-time undergrad. I look forward to running outside bunches, playing video games, and binging on television shows on a nightly basis. It’ll also be nice to spend the next two months paying visits to places around the city I’ve come to love or still haven’t experienced. It feels like a kind of limbo—I’m waiting for the next huge life move to happen, preparing my mind, body, and soul for something good.

One degree down, another one on the horizon.

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