Reality sets in

Since last posting, the changes have begun. A few days ago, I packed my bags and moved out of San Francisco, bound for the family home for a few days as I get myself together for the “big move” to Seattle. This morning, I received the Pro Staff training schedule. A week from today, I’ll be finished with my very first day of Pro Staff training and settled into my apartment. Everything’s happening so quickly in such a short amount of time! Just a week ago, I was a San Francisco twenty-something attending an Instagram meet-up near the Golden Gate Bridge and working in a traditional office setting—next week, I’ll be embarking on my student affairs journey in a new city surrounded by new faces.

I recently participated in the weekly #SAGrad Twitter chat, which helped take my mind away from how rapidly my life is changing and affirmed that student affairs is the place I should be. I’m thrilled to become a part of this profession and to jump in head-first beginning with training next week. When I opened the email with the Pro Staff training schedule this morning, however, I was mostly overwhelmed with a case of nerves (which is completely normal, I think!). What I’m doing is completely new for me, and I need to remember that I have much to learn and that is okay. As long as I give being an ARD my best shot and reach out for support, I’ll know I’ll be in good shape.

Reality is setting in. Things are about to be very different for me. In the midst of all this change and excitement, I’ve been brainstorming ways that I can strike this work-life balance student affairs folks love to talk about. A few ideas:

  • Photography. I plan to attend some Instagram / photography meet-ups in Seattle. I need to keep the media creating side of myself alive.
  • Coffee. So much coffee. As in, I need to take myself to coffee spots, both to do work and to just relax (and what better city for that than Seattle!)
  • Television. I’m a huge TV show nerd and always need to be watching 1-2 shows. I want to build some friendships around mutual TV interests—I’m really looking forward to Thursday nights beginning in September, because Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder return to the air. I need to carve out time to indulge my television interests.
  • Running. I’ve really grown to love running 2-3 mile stretches while listening to upbeat music, especially through parks. For me, it’s therapeutic. I’m hoping to find my regular running route in Seattle soon so I can throw the running shoes on and bolt.

In other news, packing has been grueling, and I’m traveling very light—just one checked suitcase and two carry-ons. When I say I want a hard reset, I really mean it. Seattle offers me a fresh start, and traveling lightly (which also means I’m spending less on moving) helps me make this transition more smooth. Err…at least as smooth as a transition of this magnitude can be, anyway.

I’m feeling so many emotions this week as I look forward to what’s ahead, but at the end of the day, I know this is going to be a fantastic opportunity. Adventure awaits!

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