February: Moving forward

Reading my post from last month feels strange because so much has changed in about 30 days. The current graduate school process for me stands as follows:

  • UConn: Rejected. I got this admission decision first, and I’d be lying if I said my confidence wasn’t a little bruised. I knew it was a challenging school to get into, but I also knew I was qualified. When I got this rejection, I wondered if I would get accepted anywhere. But then I let some time pass by…
  • Loyola University Chicago: Accepted. I teared up when I opened that email. This program is really great, and they only admit about 22% of their applicants every year. Now, I’m just eagerly waiting to see if I got an interview for their assistantship program.
  • Seattle University: Accepted. I was in small disbelief about this one, but after being accepted to LUC, I expected to be accepted to SU. The two schools share a lot of qualities, so I figured that if I was desirable to LUC, SU would be interested in me too.  I’m just waiting to hear more about Preview Days later this month. 24% acceptance of new applicants is no cake walk, so I’m excited about this decision as well. This is the second time I’ve been accepted to this university.
  • Syracuse University: Not submitted. I’m not submitting this application for a few reasons. Their assistantship information was scattered and disorganized, which made me feel less confident about putting down $75 for an application fee and potentially paying hundreds of dollars to visit without all my ducks in a row. The program also doesn’t focus on social justice as much as I’d like. Plus, after getting into two universities, I don’t need a third one to cloud my judgment.

I made it out of January with huge success. A weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I know the process isn’t over yet, because now I have to secure funding before I can make a final decision, but I’ve made it over some serious milestones. I have to remember that I overcame stiff odds to be accepted into two Higher Education programs fresh out of undergrad.

My gut tells me I’m headed in the right direction. Right now, having any sense of direction at all is enough for me. Now, I have to focus on preparing for Preview Days, interviews, and finishing undergrad on a high note. It’s challenging to focus on my current classes when I’m simultaneously getting tastes of a potential career path that’s just a few months away from becoming my reality.

Here’s to moving forward.

One thought on “February: Moving forward

  1. It’s awesome to see that someone else is in the same position as I am. I’m currently waiting on acceptance letters and I hope I have as much success as you do! Good luck with your decision and graduate school!

    -Mykul Mitch

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