Website Redesign

I transitioned Khan Lab School to a new web management platform, Finalsite, to make sharing stories a more polished and dynamic experience.

A non-exhaustive list of what the project involved:

👤 Setup and launch of 530+ constituent user profiles
🖥️ Design and setup of multiple user resource portals
✍️ Edit and finalize written copy for 190+ site pages
📰 Manually migrate 48+ posts and articles
📧 Construct and launch a new email messages manager
🎥 Edit and update photo and video assets site-wide
📅 Create and launch a brand new central calendar system

—Writing for Web—

I have experience directing and producing content for the web, including written and visual stories of varying lengths.

Khan Lab School: KLS Family Voices

Author, Interviewer/Producer, Webpage Design Lead

Khan Lab School: News Post Sample

Khan Lab School: KLS News

Content System Strategist, Webpage Design, Contributing Author