During Seattle University’s 125th anniversary, I was the lead strategist for a year-long social media campaign that used Seattle University’s flagship social media channels to celebrate the institution’s landmark year.

By developing and launching a hashtag, #SU125, I curated content from both the community and the university communications team to tell the 125th anniversary story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and Pinterest. I used the university’s social media channels to promote the hashtag to the community and created a year-long content calendar that strategically highlighted key university events and historical moments from the greater 125th anniversary marketing campaign. With a content aggregate tool called Sparkle, I collected social media posts from Instagram and Twitter throughout the year. Social media content was integrated into the 125th anniversary microsite.

Tactics included partnerships with student organizations, swag giveaways driven by Snapchat, a Facebook profile image campaign and strategic collaboration with university-wide events sponsored by departments like Admissions, Alumni Engagement, Student Development and Giving.

#SU125 Hashtag Campaign

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