Letter to the Committee


Dear Committee:

I’m honored to have each of you serve on my portfolio committee. My time in the Student Development Administration program has transformed me into a more competent higher education practitioner, and it is my hope that elements in my electronic portfolio illustrate these competency growth points and strengths. I value each of your perspectives as you review what has been an impactful experience along my professional and personal path. 

Within my portfolio, you can expect to find samples of work I am most proud of during my time at Seattle University. Themes that have emerged in my portfolio development include identity inclusion and digital media within the context of higher education. Coming from Jesuit institutional contexts for the last 10 years of my academic and professional life, I must also note that the Jesuit educational values of social justice, diversity, and multicultural competency practice are cornerstones of the work you will find within my portfolio.

I appreciate your time as you review my portfolio and look forward to sharing my experience with you.